Speaker Bios

Ronald L. Dart

Ron Dart is the founder of Christian Educational Ministries and the voice of CEM's nationwide radio broadcast, Born to Win. He is author of several books, including The Lonely God and The Thread. CEM distributes, via CD and downloads from the Internet, recordings of thousands of Ron's sermons and Bible Studies. It also sponsors an annual Feast of Tabernacles gathering that hosts 1000 people or more, to be held on Okaloosa Island, FL, in 2009, and an annual Memorial Day Weekend Retreat, held each year at Paris Landing State Park in Tennessee. For more information on Ron Dart's ministry, visit the CEM website at http://www.borntowin.net .


Pam Dewey

Pam Dewey and her husband George are co-founders of Oasis Ministries, an educational and inspirational outreach that takes them around the country throughout the year to share their enthusiasm and insights. For the past decade Pam has been a popular seminar speaker and seminar coordinator at regional and national conferences, local congregations, and other groups around the country, including the Christian Educational Ministries (CEM) Feast of Tabernacles and annual CEM Memorial Day Weekend Family Retreat. She is Associate Editor and writer for the Faith Networks magazine; author of the book Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion;  co-author with Ronald Dart of Doctrinal Self Defense and Digging Up Hebrew Roots: Is This the Faith Once Delivered; and author and webmaster of a collection of websites that cover a variety of evangelistic, discipleship, educational, and inspirational topics. See the portal to many of Pam's websites at http://www.youall.com .


George Dewey

George Dewey, a former Church of God pastor, is co-founder of Oasis Ministries with his wife Pam. His passion is continually finding ways to use the latest in technology to enhance efforts in evangelism and discipleship.  For his contribution to the Oasis Ministries outreach, George brings to the table 30+ years in computer and audio-visual equipment experience. He was making video presentations for church activities back in the early 1980s when most churches were just discovering the value of audio cassette players. He was making creative covers for church bulletins through computer photo-manipulation software when most churches were still producing their bulletins on typewriters. More recently, hes been burning DVDs for Oasis Ministries at a time when most small--and many large!--ministries are just barely beginning to consider switching from audio cassettes to CDs. George has been a real pioneer in the area of computer and audio-video enhancement of evangelistic and discipling outreach by small ministries, putting, as the E-Sword computer Bible program slogan puts it an electronic edge to the Sword of the Lord.


Dennis DeJarnette

Dennis DeJarnette, Event Coordinator for the Branson 2009 Extravaganza, is a Church of God elder with a BS in History from the University of California at San Diego, and graduate work toward an MA in Religious Studies from Missouri State University. He is a long-time speaker and commentator, and a prolific writer. He has written in the past for 20th Century Watch and the International News. He is most interested recently in the use of the Internet as a tool of evangelism, and is currently working on his own website and podcast.